I grew up in Billings, Montana.  This is rodeo country; and the area has produced many national rodeo champions.  Three of these came from Red Lodge, Montana (about 60 miles from Billings.)  Every year,  one of the more anticipated events was the Red Lodge Rodeo.  This rodeo had outstanding contestants including Bill and Bud Linderman and Turk Greenough.  Here is a list of their credits:   
               TURK GREENOUGH    Saddle Back Champion  1933, 1934, 1936
               BUD LINDERMAN       Saddle Back Champion   1945, 1950              
               BUD LINDERMAN       Bare Back Champion      1951
               BILL LINDERMAN       Bare Back Champion      1945                               
              ALL AROUND COWBOY..................BILL LINDERMAN   1950 , 1953

  All three are in the Cowboy Hall Of Fame.  At the entrance to The Cowboy Hall Of Fame there is a life size bronze statue of Bill Linderman.  (It was sculptured by  Bob Scriver, of Browning, Mt.)
         Also from the Red Lodge area, were Alice and Marge Greenough.  They were bronc and exhibition riders. Alice was inducted in the National Cowgirls Hall Of Fame. In 1993, another Red Lodge cowboy won national honors:  Deb Greenough  was named national bare back champion.

        (Pictured below is Bill Linderman.)


                 THE RED LODGE RODEO (1940s - 1950s)

Forget??  I've not forgotten
those times when I was young;             
and the memory of those rodeos
tastes sweet upon my tongue.
Red Lodge on July the fourth,
I'd find a way to go
to where the crowd and action was...
the home town rodeo.

I'd head on out for Red Lodge
where everyone was goin'.....
where rodeo grounds were packed with folks
and streets were over flowin.
The ruckus of the rodeo
would rock the Red Lodge crowd.
The cheers and chants and jeers and rants
would vibrate thunder-loud.

And when the chute was opened
and Bud Linderman shot out, 
the home town crowd went crazy,
as the bronco spun about.
With both legs on the same side,
he'd spur the bronc's right side -
then toss across to the left,
a spurrin' as he'd ride.
The right side- then the left side-
a spurrin' all the while;
and then he'd face the hometown crowd
and flash his hometown smile.

And when it came Turk Greenough's time,
we'd marvel at his skill-
the way he'd step right off the bronc
like it was standin' still.
Standin' still? Not hardly!
It bucked! It kicked! It spun!
But Turk stepped off so casual-like
when his ride was done.

And then came destiny's fair child,
and I can see him still......
the Champion All 'Round Cowboy-
Bud's big brother, Bill.
He could ride the bulls and broncs
that came straight outta hell.
He could ride most any brute
and always he'd excell.

Rodeos...I've seen a lot..,.
but nothin' can compare
to the home town rodeo
when all your friends are there;
and you're all there together
a cheerin' loud; and when
the riders that you're cheerin' for
are local home town men.

Bette Wolf Duncan


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